Support and Programs for International Students at the University of Waterloo

Support and Programs for International Students at the University of Waterloo

Navigating the challenges of academic life in a new country can be daunting for international students. Recognizing this, the Student Success Office (SSO) at the University of Waterloo has introduced innovative initiatives aimed at providing comprehensive support to enhance the overall experience of international students.

1. Breakfast Seminars for Graduate Students
Now “On the Menu” for graduate students, the Breakfast Seminars are a recent addition to the SSO’s repertoire. These seminars address the common hurdles encountered by graduate students during their academic writing journey. The sessions feature insights from experts at the library and the Writing and Communication Center, offering valuable guidance, resources, and personalized tips to elevate the writing skills of participants.
2. International Peer Community (IPC)
The International Peer Community (IPC) is a peer-support program strategically crafted to assist international students in acclimating to life at the University of Waterloo. Through community-based activities, the IPC facilitates the building of a robust support network. It helps students develop a sense of community and intercultural competencies, enhance interactional skills, and gain insights into both Canadian culture and other global perspectives.
3. Individualized Support with Cyntia Brătan
Cyntia Brătan, International Student Supports Specialist (ISSS), stands as a vital resource for international students in need of additional support. She offers direct, personalized assistance to both students and staff supporting international students. Cyntia is well-versed in available resources and provides support to those facing crises or extenuating circumstances.
4. Immigration Consulting Sessions and Resources
Understanding complex immigration policies can be challenging due to the abundance of varying information. To address this, immigration consultants conduct timely information sessions throughout the term. These sessions help students grasp intricate immigration topics. For those with more specific queries, students can schedule appointments with the immigration consultants, who are always eager to provide support.

For more detailed information on each program and service, please visit the SSO website. The University of Waterloo is committed to fostering a supportive environment for its international student community, ensuring a smooth and enriching academic journey.

Last Updated: January 25, 2024

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