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Student Wellness Coordinator

Jennifer Reid

Governance & Strategy Coordinator

Partnerships Coordinator

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President & Officer
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Tyler Hampton

Council Chair & Speaker of Council

MK Stinson Recreation & Leisure Studies (AHS)
Sue Sherifali School of Public Health & Health Systems (AHS)
Kalsha Diaguarachchige De Silva Kinesiology (AHS)
Jillian Adams Accounting & Finance (ARTS)
Khusro Mir Economics (ARTS)
Chris Martin English Language and Literature(ARTS)
Sarah Galarneau Fine Arts (ARTS)
Nathalie Gadbois French Studies (ARTS)
Erica Swyers Germanic & Slavic Studies (ARTS)
Teghan Barton History (ARTS)
Rabia Ahmed Master of Digital Experience Innovation (ARTS)
I. S. Peace & Conflict Studies (ARTS)
Cael Dobson Philosophy (ARTS)
Danielle LaBresh Political Science (ARTS)
Kennedy Westlake Psychology (ARTS)
Matthew Gerrits Public Service (ARTS)
Lisa Duggan Religious Studies (ARTS)
Jessica Gill Sociology (ARTS)
Joshua Woodcock Theological Studies (ARTS)
Manh Kien Tran Chemical Engineering (ENGR)
Nastaran Mosavari Civil & Environmental Engineering (ENGR)
Cindy Yang Electrical & Computer Engineering (ENGR)
Jinesh Shah Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering (ENGR)
Devansh Nagpal Management Sciences (ENGR)
Alex D’Alton Master of Business, Entrepreneurship, & Technology (ENGR)
Carlo Rosel School of Architecture (ENGR)
Nargess Heydari Beni Systems Design Engineering (ENGR)
Yusof Ghiasi Geography & Environmental Management (ENV)
Madeleine Pinard Global Governance (ENV)
Tia Driver School of Environment, Enterprise & Development (ENV)
Misty Matthews-Roper School of Environment, Resources & Sustainability SERS (ENV)
Anju (Roseann) George School of Planning (ENV)
William Bell Applied Mathematics (MATH)
Jyler Menard Computational Mathematics (MATH)
Mojtaba Valipour Computer Science (MATH)
Benjamin Anderson-Sackaney Pure Mathematics (MATH)
Caleb Ryan Biology (SCI)
Michael Chapman Physics & Astronomy (SCI)
Antoine Hakim Pharmacy (SCI)
Asiya Jabeen Vision Sciences & Optometry (SCI)

Graduate Student Association - University of Waterloo

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Territorial Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that we work on the traditional territory of ‎ the Attawandaron (Neutral), Anishinaabeg and Haudenosaunee peoples. The University of Waterloo is situated on the Haldimand Tract, the land promised to the Six Nations that includes ten kilometers on each side of the Grand River. We acknowledge that we work on these territories as beneficiaries of settler colonialism. We also acknowledge that members of our UWaterloo community live on Indigenous territories around the world.

This statement is only a small step in the process of reconciliation. Decolonization requires systemic change. The GSA-UW is committed to this effort.

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