All Around the World Digital Quilt – REVEAL!

All Around the World Digital Quilt - REVEAL!

By Cindy HT Yeung & Navya V Nair
August 5, 2021

It’s been about 17 months of being confined in our homes and adjusting to the COVID-19 pandemic graduate student life. Many of our international graduate students are still studying remotely in their home countries and haven’t had a chance to connect with our wider graduate student community in person. In recognizing this, the GSA-UW launched our first Digital Quilt in March, where we asked graduate students of UW to submit a drawing, photo, poem, or short story describing where you are in the world right now. Students were encouraged to submit a photo of your workspace complete with coffee and papers, a painting of a snowy landscape, a poem about life in your city, and so on… basically to be as creative as possible!

To help make our creative juices flow, we also held a workshop that can be found here

We’re excited to reveal our All Around the World Digital Quilt. It can found here and also below.

Captions from the top row, going left to right: Scenic View of Kampala, Uganda - @Margaret Mutumba; Spring is coming!; My new kitten, Ume, who is enjoying her new home during the pandemic. In the background you'll see my second home, the School of Pharmacy! This is where I am in the world right now. @CindyYeung; Over the pandemic I've been doing art again. My goal is to be as photo-realistic as possible! Here's a persimmon drawn and coloured with pencil crayon. My head space these days have mainly been in self-care and doing what makes me happy. @CindyYeung; [A tree in Wellesley Ontario] "Love yourself and the planet!" @Ashley Ryan; Beating the winter cold by skiing with friends! [Horseshoe Resort Ski Hill] - @Jacqueline Harper; Enjoy Sunshine!! @NavyaVNair

We hope you enjoyed the quilt and that everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time.

Last Updated: October 28, 2022

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