GSA’s Wellness Resources for International Graduate Students!

Check out GSA's Wellness Resources for International Graduate Students!

Although the 2-year pandemic has shed a spotlight on wellness, especially mental wellness/mental health, there are actually a lot more ways to practice wellness! The GSA has put together a resource page that covers 6 different dimensions of wellness for international graduate students to help you become more resilient to not only the pandemic, but also graduate student life at UWaterloo.

Physically UWaterloo is not a very huge campus, and the City of Waterloo is not a large City, but it’s overwhelming for both new and current international graduate students to navigate different on- and off-campus websites for wellness resources when needed.

Therefore, the GSA decided to publish the “Wellness Resources for International Graduate Students” resource page to help us identify community resources for our wellbeing. The 6 types of wellness included on the resource page are: (1) physical wellness, (2) emotional wellness, (3) vocational & intellectual wellness, (4) social/relational wellness, (5) spiritual wellness, and (6) financial wellness.

Please check out our resource page for wellness tips that interest you or further details:

Although this resource page aims to provide a high-level overview of various wellness resources in a succinct manner; it may not cover all the available information on the internet for international graduate students. However, we have made sure to include on-campus wellness resources available for most students that are already covered by tuition fees and insurance. For off-campus resources, we’ve tried our best to select those near the main UWaterloo campus if possible. This resource page offers a great variety of community resources that international graduate students can refer to and try out when help is needed.

Please bookmark this resource page so that you can refer to it as often as you want. Please also feel free to share this resource page to help spread the information!

If you have used or found other useful resources that are not included in the current version of wellness resource page, please contact us at so that we can update and include the latest or helpful resources.

We also welcome any feedback that can help us further improve the wellness resource page anytime!

Last Updated: October 27, 2022

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