Abhishesh Homagain

Council Speaker

Name:  Abhishesh Homagain 

Job Title: Council Speaker 

Email: gsacounc@uwaterloo.ca 

Job description: Pursuant to Bylaw #7 (Council) and Governance Process Policy CP-8 (Council), the Council Speaker presides over and administers the affairs of the Council and the Council Executive Committee. The Speaker executes duties as outlined in other GSA Bylaws and Policies and abides by and upholds the mission, vision, and values, and the bylaws and policies of the GSA. The Speaker promotes high morale by serving as a role model for advocacy and representation and will also promote the physical and mental health of graduate students, GSA staff and volunteers. 

 Meet Abh 

I’m a second year PhD candidate studying Parkinson’s Disease and other related brain stuff over at the Faculty of Health. When I’m not busy with research, you can find me either in the volleyball courts (more indoor than beach but I play both) in CIF or at the grad house, probably still busy with work.  

What is your go-to karaoke song? 

The best and my choice for go to karaoke song is dancing queen by ABBA (I’ll accept no other answers here as they’re all incorrect).  

Where is your go to lunch spot on or around campus? What do you order? 

I’ve been in Waterloo for a while and I’d say outside the grad house the best place to get lunch would be Shinwa in the plaza, go with cash for that sweet discount. 

If you were to choose your superpower, what would it be? 

Finally, if I had a superpower, I would probably choose flying or telekinesis. Both would be ideal to deal with Ontario traffic, I’d either fly out or move cars out of my way.  

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