Murtoza Manzur

Vice-President of Advocacy

Name: Murtoza Manzur 

Job Title: Vice President of Advocacy 


Job description: This role leads and supports the advancement of the GSA’s mission of enhancing graduate students’ experience by promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion overseeing the programs and initiatives planned for advising, equity, labour, and housing among others. 

Meet Murtoza  

I’m a Masters student in Peace & Conflict Studies. Throughout my undergraduate and graduate career, I’ve actively participated in student governance and advocacy efforts aimed at enhancing the post-secondary experience for students. 

If you could invite 3 guests to dinner, who would you invite?  

Edward Said. For his insights into imperialism’s cultural and political dynamics and his advocacy for the marginalized through his work. 

If you were to show someone around Kitchener Waterloo who has never been here, where would you go?  

St. Jacobs’ Farmers Market 

What surprised you the most about UWaterloo when you first came to campus?  

The sheer number of geese on campus! 

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