Julian Surdi

Vice-President of Administration

Julian Surdi (he/him) is studying for a Master’s of Science in Kinesiology focusing on exercise physiology. His research focuses on the effect of biological sex on the insulin response and regulation in obese, sedentary individuals. He and his team are currently looking at how sex hormones differ between males and females and their effects on the insulin response.

He works with our student leaders and staff to achieve a common goal: to improve your experience as a graduate student here at Waterloo. He was previously involved in the Science Society at Waterloo and one big accomplishment in this role was the successful planning, organization, and execution of the first Science Peer Mentorship program involving over 150 incoming science students in September 2020. He is overjoyed to bring that knowledge and experience into this role. He thrives in an environment that has a strong sense of community and will strive to make that possible for the graduate student community at UW.

In his free time, he hikes trails across Ontario as well as does backcountry camping. He is also an avid cook and loves to seek out new restaurants to try in the KW region. When he is not doing my research or other work, he is most likely watching all things RuPaul’s Drag Race as a self-proclaimed super fan.

He is eager to meet fellow graduate students so please feel free to come by the GSA office space in SLC 3222 to say hello and chat.

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