Julian Surdi

General Manager

Name: Julian Surdi 

Job Title: General Manager 

Email: gsagm@uwaterloo.ca 

Job description:  The General Manager is responsible for the day-to-day administration and financial management of the GSA, its services and staff and ensures that operational and administrative decisions are consistent with the By-Laws, Governing Policies, and University Policies. 

Meet Julian 

I’m a UW alumni. I completed an undergraduate degree in biomedical sciences and a masters of science in kinesiology. Throughout my academic career, I was actively involved in student organization.  

While pursuing my masters, I served as the GSA President for one year before transitioning into the General Manager role. Advocating for a better student experience is one of my passions and this role is a great way of pursuing this goal.  

Where is your go to lunch spot on or around campus? What do you order? 

My go to is the falafel wrap at the Grad House. The falafels are made in house and they are huge! It is definitely a great lunch spot.  

Which is more versatile, pasta or potatoes? 

I think potatoes do have more versatility, but my Italian ancestors would disapprove if I didn’t choose pasta. So pasta is definitely my answer! 

Which movie, TV show or book can you watch or read over and over without getting tired of it? 

Avatar the Last Airbender, the original animated TV show. This children’s show tackles serious topics like misogyny, genocide and grief all while keeping it light and fun. Not to mention the amazing bending scenes. 

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