Esteban Salazar

Events Coordinator

Esteban is a Master’s student in neuroscience in the department of Kinesiology. He did his BSc in Kinesiology, where, through his minor in Medical Physiology, he developed an appreciation for the anatomy and physiology of the nervous system. Esteban’s research interests include the concept of neuroplasticity, specifically in the recovery period following brain injury. He hopes to further understand the relationship between brain regions in the integration of sensory input, and how it affects motor control.

In his role as the Events Coordinator, Esteban coordinates with other GSA members, plans and executes events for grad students to meet each other, stay informed, and have a fun and inclusive environment for other grad students.

Outside of school, Esteban enjoys being active, regularly goes to the gym, and is part of the University’s Cheerleading team. He enjoys going on adventures and tasting new foods.

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