Cam Bartel

Hospitality Manager

Name:  Cam Bartel 

Job Title: Hospitality Manager, Graduate House 


Job description: The Hospitality Manager facilitates all campus-based food and drink services provided by the GSA, which centres on operations at the Graduate House; handles hiring, events, the craft beer program and locally sourced food menus. The Hospitality Manager’s main focus is on providing the best options for grad students – maximizing quality while minimizing cost. 

 Meet Cam 

I’ve worked in the hospitality industry off and on for the past two decades, hold an extremely useful B.A in History and I am a certified Cicerone Beer Server. 

Where is your go to lunch spot on or around campus? What do you order? 

Why, anything NOT served at the Grad House. That place is utter trash, and the management there is quite inept. I’m joking obviously! Who wouldn’t say Grad House? 

Describe your perfect day.  

My perfect day would likely involve waking up in the late morning in my cozy beach house and strolling down to the local coffee bar for a third wave cortado made by an exotic barista. I’d head out to the boat for some scuba diving with friends, then head back in for lunch. We’re talking fresh ceviche. Then, I’d play some beach volleyball or go for a scooter ride through the mountains in the afternoon, and grab a couple of local, cheap and extremely cold crappy beers with a steak. I’d Listen to the local band at the beach-bar announce the setting of the sun with their sultry swooning as I sip on a snifter of 12 year old rum. 

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