Logan McQueen

Events Coordinator, Graduate House

Name:  Logan McQueen 

Job Title: Grad House Events Coordinator 

Email: gh-event@uwaterloo.ca 

Job description: This position is responsible for planning and executing Graduate House events contributing to the social wellbeing of graduate students. 

 Meet Logan 

When I’m not slaving away in the Grad House kitchen, you can probably find me sleeping in Dana Porter or cozying up to the fireplaces at SJU. I haven’t been a student for a hot minute, but I studied literature and altogether love The Arts. Now I’m navigating the next quarters of my life, saving money, listening to great music, and posting really, really dumb stuff all over the GH Instagram.  

Where is your go to lunch spot on or around campus? What do you order?  

Who in the GSA isn’t gonna say Grad House, huh? Get the angus burger.  

 If you were to choose your superpower, what would it be?  

Adamantium skeleton without the excruciating pain, please.  

Which movie, TV show or book can you watch or read over and over without getting tired of it? 

Wishmaster (1997), prod. by Wes Craven.  

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