Kaylee Biggart​

Board Chair

Name:  Kaylee Biggart 

Job Title: Board Chair

Email: gsa-bc@uwaterloo.ca

Meet Kaylee 

Job description: The Board Chair leads the GSA’s Board of Directors that manages or supervises the management of the activities and affairs of the GSA-UW in compliance with the Act, per GSA by-law 5. 

Meet Kaylee 

I’m a 2nd year PhD student in the department of Physics and Astronomy, where I also completed my MSc. in the same research group. I study experimental condensed matter physics, specializing in studying transport properties of exotic quantum materials. In my spare time, I enjoy crafty activities like crocheting and creating weekly planners in my bullet journal. I also bake bread and, in the summer, can fruit and homemade jam. You’ll find me cheering on my favourite sports teams year-round, as I’m an avid hockey (Edmonton Oilers) and baseball (Philadelphia Phillies) fan. 

What is your go-to karaoke song? 

Invisible Touch by Genesis 

If you were to choose your superpower, what would it be? 

The power to never have to sleep again, but still feel rested and wide awake. Imagine how much fun stuff I could do even after fulfilling all of my grad student responsibilities!  

Which movie, TV show or book can you watch or read over and over without getting tired of it? 

The original Mortal Instruments trilogy came out when I was in junior high and it had an absolute chokehold on my life for a solid 10 years. I can always read and find enjoyment in any of the Shadowhunter Chronicle books, but my favourite is The Dark Artifices, specifically Lord of Shadows. I can also watch the bad Shadowhunters TV show they made a few years ago on repeat, but I draw the line at the bad Mortal Instruments movie that came out in 2013.  

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