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McMaster Graduate Student’s Association
Graduate Student Association-University of Waterloo
Society of Graduate Students-Western University

The Graduate Student Online Workshops Project is a collaborative virtual event series focused on developing and sharing graduate student skills during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moving to an online model for content delivery has certain challenges over in-person seminars, but provides many opportunities including dramatically increased accessibility for cross-disciplinary knowledge sharing and networking among our fellow graduate students and between our universities.

Our technical workshops will be hosted by professors and fellow graduate students, and delivered intentionally for an interdisciplinary audience. Our Mental Health workshops will be facilitated by professional counselors.

All workshops will be hosted via Zoom webinar. Materials for each event will be posted on this website.

Upcoming Workshops

Introduction to LaTeX: June 18 @ 2:00 - 4:00 PM EST

LaTeX is a method of preparing documents that uses markup language (a simple type of programming language) to let you do exactly what you want to do. It is popular for writing and formatting academic papers and theses, because it can be used to make modular documents, easily insert figures, equations, and bibliographies, and keep all your formatting consistent, Never again will you run into the issue of hitting ‘enter’ on you paper and completely rearranging every single table and image. Due to its popularity, many universities have LaTeX based thesis templates that comply with their Graduate Regulations.
This workshop will introduce you to the basics of LaTeX and set you up to be able to use it with confidence.

* This workshop was recorded and is now available for viewing.

Mental Health Support: June 29 @ 4:30 - 6:30PM EST

Graduate School is tough at the best of times, and COVID-19 is not making things any easier.
Join us for a seminar on the specific issues we face as graduate students during the pandemic, and ways to handle them.

Student-Supervisor Relationship Foundations: Research Findings & Storytelling - July 10 @ 3:00 - 4:00PM EST

In this workshop, Dr. Lapshina will cover the research findings from her doctoral student-supervisor study, discuss some real examples of student-supervisor relationships, as well as strategies for improving these relationships.

There will be a Q&A section at the end of the workshop for all attendees.  

Challenging the Status Quo: Navigating Racial and Cultural Considerations - July 24 @ 11:00AM - 12:00PM EST

This workshop will focus on the various aspects of navigating supervisor/supervisee and departmental relationships. The core themes of discussion will include self-advocacy, discrimination, and community building both within and outside of home departments. We will discuss the nuances of each theme while also providing tips and resources for attendees to take away!

We invite you to ask questions and engage in this free flowing dialogue!

Harnessing Potential: Professional Development Opportunities & Beyond - July 30 @ 11:00AM - 12:00PM EST

In partner with Monica’s weekly Thriving Thursdays GradLife sessions at Western University, she will be using her regularly scheduled session time to discuss professional development opportunities with graduate students as it relates to the student-supervisor context including: how to manage expectations, take on professional development opportunities outside of the student-supervisor context, and thrive as a graduate student. 

LaTeX Writing Basics - August 11 @ 3:00PM - 4:30PM EST

This workshop will introduce you to the fundamentals of the LaTeX platform to get you comfortable with formulating documents and articles. You will learn how to initiate a document, how to import images and resize them, how to create chapters and sections, and some basic mathematical writing. Additionally, we will explore how LaTeX handles labelling and figure/table referencing.

Writing Through Challenges: Strategies & Resources for Graduate Scholars - August 21 @ 2:00PM - 3:30PM EST

This workshop empowers graduate scholars to identify and overcome writing challenges. After critically reflecting on their own writing habits, participants are introduced to a wide range of strategies and resources that can help them to develop and maintain more effective writing practices.

Last Updated: February 27, 2022

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