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Contact Us Form (Office Email Inquiries)

The General Manager (GM) is also copied on Contact Us form submissions from the GSA website ( Generally the Office Administrator answers inquiries, but the GM can also reply to inquiries. 

The GSA website will be able to answer many of the questions submitted by students (e.g., Board of Directors or Council questions, Services questions). It will be very helpful to take some time going through the resources on the website when you first start out!

Category Subject Recommended action
Academic Support 

1) Questions about tuition, university funding, etc. 1) Answer as appropriate, or forward email to a GSPA member if necessary/more applicable.
Advocacy & Support 

1) Financial aid options

2) Issues with Supervisor, TA-ship, Grievances, etc.

1) See pinned email from Miranda re: funding options; use as reference to respond to students.

2) Forward form submission to GSA Wellness Coordinator at


1) GSA Leadership Award

2) Rose Vogt Award

Departmental GSA Support 

1) Assistance with event, questions re: support or information 1) Forward to GSA Engagement Coordinator at
Donations 1) Donations page on website

2) GSA philanthropy (managed by VP Comms & Community Devel. Coordin.)

Funding Options 

1) Graduate Studies Endowment Fund (GSEF)

FYI: GSA Graduate Students Initiative (GSI) funding has been discontinued as of Fall 2021 – redirect to GSEF funding

1) Answer as appropriate, or forward to GSEF Coordinator at

GSA GRT UPass website

“assessed to all full-time students on an active term in programs associated with a campus in Waterloo Region”
UW Finance

1) Issues with Card

2) Questions re: opt-out period

1) Gather all necessary info (ID# &  issue), and send email to our WatCard Office:

FYI: New cards take 3-5 days to activate on GRT fare boxes

2) Answer as appropriate. More info regarding Opt Outs here & on GSA GRT UPass website


GSA Fees

See Grad Fees on
UW Finance page

1) Questions re: opt-out period, purpose of fees, etc. 1) Answer as appropriate. See Grad fees info from UW Finance & GSA Services Change of Coverage Info 
Health & Dental Plan

“charged to all full-time and part-time graduate students enrolled in programs that are not considered “online” programs.” – UW Finance

1) Questions re: Coverage or opt-out period

2) Health/Dental Plan Issues

1) Answer as appropriate. Studentcare website is the key resource for answers to inquiries

2) Answer as appropriate. If student issue is beyond your scope, you can contact Studentcare Service Manager,  Scott De Ruyter,

Leave Feedback    
Legal & Tax Aid 

1) Tax Aid Clinic Request

2) Income Tax Questions 

1) Confirm preferred date & time, keep track of appts. on Excel, submit appointments to GSA Accountant morning-of.

2) Direct students to video seminar on tax page of GSA website for detailed info.

Other: ______________ 1) Requests to use our student listserv for advertisement/recruitment

2) How to get involved with GSA – opportunities

1) If it’s especially relevant for graduate students, forward email to VP Comms 

( We often don’t use our email list to advertise or recruit, but respond to the email and let them know that the GSA can re-posts social media posts from graduate events/recruitments on social media if they tag us in it.

2) Answer as appropriate. See pinned email “getting involved with the GSA” for response reference.

Last Updated: August 8, 2022

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