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Council Members List

The following is a list of GSA-UW Council members. For any questions, please contact the Chair of Council.


Representatives from each department and unit program

Department Name Term Ends
Kinesiology (AHS) Kalsha Diaguarachchige De Silva September 1, 2021
Recreation & Leisure Studies (AHS) MK Stinson November 1, 2021
School of Public Health and Health Systems (AHS) Sue Sherifali September 1, 2021
Accounting & Finance (ARTS) Jillian Adams October 1, 2021
Public Issues Anthropology (ARTS)    
Catholic Thought (ARTS)    
Classical Studies (ARTS)    
Master of Digital Experience Innovation MDEI, Stratford (ARTS) Ethel Zlotnik October 1, 2021
Economics (ARTS) Khusro Mir October 1, 2021
English Language & Literature (ARTS) Lara El Mekkawi September 1, 2021
Fine Arts (ARTS) Carrie Perreault February 1, 2021
French Studies (ARTS)  


Germanic & Slavic Studies (ARTS) Sam Schirm October 1, 2021
History (ARTS) Teghan Barton March 1, 2021
Peace & Conflict Studies (ARTS) Iman Sultana November 30, 2021
Philosophy (ARTS)

Tasneem Alsayyed Ahmad

October 1, 2021

Political Science (ARTS)    
Psychology (ARTS) Jessica Ross April 30, 2021
Public Service (ARTS) Elizabeth Svyatnenko October 1, 2021
Religious Studies (ARTS) Doaa Shalabi February 1, 2021
Social Work (ARTS)    
Sociology (ARTS)    
Theological Studies (ARTS) Joshua Woodcock October 1, 2021
School of Architecture (ENGR) Meryem Chahboun October 1, 2021
Master of Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology MBET (ENGR) Wali ur Rehman Zia October 1, 2021
Chemical Engineering (ENGR)    
Civil & Environmental Engineering (ENGR) Heline Chow July 1, 2021
Electrical & Computer Engineering (ENGR) Mozhgan Sadeghianlemraski September 1, 2021
Management Sciences (ENGR) Akshat Atray October 1, 2021
Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering (ENGR) Jared Uramowski October 1, 2021
Systems Design Engineering (ENGR) Austin Kothig February 1, 2021
Geography and Environmental Management GEM (ENV) Caitlin Laidlaw July 1, 2021
Global Governance (ENV)

Lucy Hinton

May 31, 2021
School of Environment, Enterprise & Development SEED (ENV) Kaylia Little July 1, 2021
School of Environment, Resources & Sustainability SERS (ENV) Sophia Sanniti February 1, 2021
School of Planning (ENV) Anju (Roseann) George October 1, 2021
Applied Mathematics (MATH)    
Combinatorics & Optimization (MATH)    
Computational Mathematics (MATH) Jyler Menard October 1, 2021
Computer Science (MATH) Mojtaba Valipour November 30, 2021
Pure Mathematics (MATH)    
Statistics & Actuarial Science (MATH) Chris Salahub December 31, 2020
Artificial Intelligence (MATH) Augustus Turnbull January 15, 2021
Biology (SCI) Adrian Van Wyk July 31, 2021
Biochemistry & Chemistry (SCI)    
Earth & Environmental Science (SCI) Natasha Bell December 31, 2020
Physics & Astronomy (SCI) Michael Chapman November 1, 2021
Pharmacy (SCI) Jesse St Jean September 1, 2021

Vision Science / Optometry (SCI)

Juliette Teodoro October 1, 2021

Other Members

GSA Officers, GSA Board of Directors, and non-voting At-large Councillors 

Role Name Term Ends
At-Large Councillor (Senator) Max Salman April 30, 2020
At-Large Councillor (Senator) Twesh Upadhyaya  
At-Large Councillor (Senator) Julia Goyal April 30, 2020
At-Large Councillor (Senator)    
Officer (President) Naima Samuel April 30, 2020
Officer (Vice President) David Benjamin Billedeau April 30, 2020
Director Jason Luong April 30, 2020
Director Nicholas Revington April 30, 2020
Director Rebecca Stirling April 30, 2020
Director Phillipe Beriault April 30, 2020
Director Dmitrii Marin April 30, 2020
Director Daniel Grimmer April 30, 2020
Director Jennifer Reid April 30, 2020
Director Tyler Hampton April 30, 2020
Director Kareem Tarek Mostafa April 30, 2020
Notation Support Jacqueline Ouellette  
Executive Director Kevin McKay  

Last Updated: December 10, 2020

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