Board Members List

Update - May 2022

Six Directors were elected at the Annual General Meeting 2022 (serving until 2024). Three vacant Director seats may be filled by appointment by the Board. Appointed Directors will serve until the Annual General Meeting in 2023. The Board has appointed the General Manager to serve as Corporate Secretary and Treasurer.


Role Name Term Ends
Deputy Board Chair Kaylee Biggart April-2024
President (CEO) and ex-officio Director Julian Surdi April-2023
Director Yi Wang April-2023
Director Mohammad Barkhori April-2024
Director Tia Driver April-2024
Director Everett Patterson April-2024
Director David Billedeau April-2024
Vacant Director Seat
Vacant Director Seat
Vacant Director Seat

Officers and Guests

Role Name Term Ends
Corporate Secretary and Treasurer
Chief Returning Officer
Speaker of the Council (guest) Sidra Khan

Last Updated: January 16, 2023

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