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Join Council!

Join Council!

The GSA-UW is looking for graduate students to represent their fellow peers as a departmental councillor on the GSA-UW Council. Having one student from each department on Council ensures that all departments are being fairly represented and heard by the GSA-UW. If you are a student in any of the below departments, you can nominate yourself for the position of councillor by filling out the GSA Council Representative Nomination Form. 

Note: For the Fall 2022 Term, the GSA Council will continue to meet online.

Departments with vacant councillor positions:

Do you see your department in the list? Consider applying for the open position!
Email if you have any questions.
  • Accounting & Finance (ARTS)
  • Anthropology (ARTS) 
  • Catholic Thought (ARTS)
  • Classical Studies (ARTS) 
  • Economics (ARTS)
  • Global Governance (ARTS)
  • Master of Digital Experience Innovation (ARTS)
  • Political Science (ARTS)
  • Social Work (ARTS) 
  • Theological Studies (ARTS)
  • School of Architecture (ENG)
  • Chemical Engineering (ENG)
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering (ENG)
  • Master of Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology (ENG)
  • Applied Mathematics (MATH)
  • Combinatorics & Optimization (MATH)
  • Computational Mathematics (MATH)
  • Chemistry & Biochemistry (SCI)
  • Earth & Environmental Sciences (SCI)

Fall Term 2022 Elections Timeline

Step 1
Nominate yourself for the position of councillor by submitting the Councillor Nomination Form between Wednesday, September 7 to Tuesday, September 20.

Step 2
Starting Wednesday, September 21, we welcome nominees to campaign on social media to ask for a vote from their peers.

Step 3
Students will be emailed informing them of the Council elections in their department, along with instructions on how to vote online using Watvote. The voting will begin 8:30am on Tuesday, September 27 and will close at 4:30 PM on Friday, September 30.

Step 4
All candidates will be informed of the election results on Friday, September 30 after the polls close. Students can look to the GSA website for the announcement of election results.

Step 5
The Council Speaker will reach out to elected candidates to welcome them to the Council. New councillors are expected to be prepared to participate on Wednesday, October 5 in a Councillor training session and the full Council meeting at 4:00 PM.


Questions regarding how to get involved in GSA Council can be directed to our GSA Elections Coordinator via email at

General inquiries about Council can be directed to our GSA Council Chair via email at

Last Updated: August 30, 2022

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