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Giana Tomas

Housing Coordinator

Giana is a PhD student in Recreation and Leisure Studies and has keen interests in leisure and well-being, mobilities and translocation, labour and gender equity, and social justice. Currently, she is reading about and reflecting on the ways in which new settlers and diasporic communities in Canada make sense of, find, and recreate ‘home’, and plans to further develop these ideas for her dissertation. 

As Housing Coordinator, Giana is committed to supporting graduate students in their search for safe, equitable, and comfortable housing by building meaningful connections with both the student and broader communities; co-developing and mobilizing resources that aid in the search for housing; and fostering a community of care and advocacy through leveraging fellow graduate students’ voices and stories that will help make a positive difference not only in their search for housing/home-away-from home, but also in their broader well-being. 

During her free time, Giana loves taking friends out to get bubble tea, exercising to keep fit, traveling, and taking time to pause, reflect, and slow down amidst these ever busy and changing times. If you’d like to chat, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Giana!

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