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Health Plan

From access to a range of health professionals to coverage of prescription drugs, vaccinations, diagnostic services and medical equipment, the GSA student supplementary Health Plan is designed to provide Graduate Students of UWaterloo important health services, in addition to the basic provincial healthcare plan. And, by visiting members of Studentcare Networks, you can receive additional coverage.

The health plan also extends to vision coverage, travel coverage, dental care, and a new mental health and wellness support service, Empower Me.

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For questions regarding the health plan and details about your coverage, please contact Studentcare. 

  • StudentCare website
  • Studentcare On-campus Office
    Health Services Building, Room 1006
    University of Waterloo Main Campus
  • Mobile App (download)

GSA Fees - Health Plan

Graduate students registered in full-time or part-time “regular” classified programs are automatically included in the Health Plan and fees are included as part of the “GSA Administered Fees“.

Health Coverage

To be eligible for the supplementary plans, students must have OHIP, coverage from another province, or UHIP, which cover expenses such as visits to your doctor or the hospital.

The student plans can be combined with other health and dental plans (i.e. a parent or spouse’s employee benefit plan) to maximize overall coverage and save on healthcare costs. Students can also enrol their spouses and children on the plan.


*** Graduate students enrolled in a program classified as “online” or “distance education” are eligible to OPT IN for the Health & Dental Plans.

Full-time graduate students MUST be registered in a minimum of  ONE “on-campus” course on the Waterloo main campus.

Alternatively, if students are covered by another extended health plan, health plan opt-out is available during the Change-of-Coverage Period.

  • Students may opt out of the FEDS/GSA Health Plan by submitting proof of coverage from another extended plan.
  • Students may opt out of the Dental Plan and receive reimbursement for the dental portion of the plan without submitting proof of equivalent dental coverage.
  • Opt-outs and enrolments are effective for the entire policy year (September 1st – August 31st). If a student opts out, they will still be assessed the plan fee in subsequent Academic Terms, but will automatically receive a reimbursement for each Term that they are assessed the Health & Dental Plan fee for the policy year.

Last Updated: April 9, 2020

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