Chriselle Jerome

VP of Comms

Name:  Chriselle Jerome

Job Title: Vice President of Communications


Job description: The VP, Communication leads a 3-person team who are responsible for all internal and external communications of the GSA-UW, ensuring the organization is communicating effectively and meaningfully with relevant constituents. This role holds overall responsibility for the GSA’s various communication initiatives, including newsletters and other print publications, web, e-news, and other online communications, media and public relations and marketing.

Meet Chriselle

Born and bred in Grenada the Isle of Spice evident by my love of soca!  

I’m currently pursuing my Masters in Climate Change which will be an excellent addition to my MBA- International Business, BA- Broadcast Journalism and over 10 years’ experience in Social Impact Marketing Communications.  

I love to learn so naturally I love new adventures and experiences which kind of explains why I spent 5 years living in and exploring China and is excellent in mandarin. (though I’m a little out of practice). I also enjoy a decent glass of red wine (or 3) and a good spa day- bring on the pampering!  

Which is more versatile, pasta or potatoes? 

Potatoes. No, pasta. Wait. Potatoes……. Do I have to choose?  

If you were to choose your superpower, what would it be?  

Dare I say it? I already have one! It is the ability to sleep peacefully and comfortably anywhere and anytime- despite my environment. I kid you not! If I’m sleepy I will sleep in a crowded stadium during a hard rock concert!  

Which movie, TV show or book can you watch or read over and over without getting tired of it? 

Okay, so forgive me but it will be more than one. I will have a binge fest! For TV I’ll go with Charmed (The Original, duh!), Once Upon a Time, White Collar, FBI (The Original, I watch it for the Plot #coughOA) and for laughs- Brooklyn 99. For books, I’ll read anything written by VC Andrews, Lesley Pearse, Danielle Steele and Barbara Taylor Bradford. 

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