Meet the 2022 Team!

January 6, 2022

Meet the 2022 GSA-UW Team!

The GSA-UW is excited to announce our new team for 2022! To find out more about each team member, see below:

Management Team

President & CEO – Zabeen Khamisa

Vice President Administration – Glaucia Melo

Vice President Communications – Tyler Hampton 

General Manager – Rita Cherkewski 

Office Coordinator – Wendy Smith 

Hospitality Manager – Cam Bartel 

Support Staff

Elections Coordinator – Sara Drisdelle 

International Student Coordinator – Shu-Feng Tsao 

Policy Coordinator – Katherine Arnold 

Wellness Coordinator – Ashley Ryan 

Governance & Strategy Coordinator – Jennifer Reid 

Partnerships Coordinator – Nicholas Palaschuk 

Student Engagement Coordinator – Kevin Bonnell 

Accountant – Robert Sproule

Communications Coordinator – MJ Singh 

Social Media Coordinator – Aakanksha Shah 

Residence Coordinator – Navya Nair 

Events Coordinator – Amy Li 

Labour Coordinator – Sophia Sanniti 

Equity Coordinator – Mariam Lahlou

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