Introductions from your new GSA Executive Team 2020/2021

September 3, 2020

David Billedeau, President & CEO

Hi folks!

My name is David Billedeau, and over the coming academic year I’ll be serving as the President of your Graduate Student Association (GSA). In this role, I hope to support the social and academic experience of all UW gradaute students while advancing the GSA’s efforts in student wellness, equity, engagement (including increased outreach to our satelitte campuses), and community development.

The GSA has considerably evolved over the past year, and I’m confident that our continued organizational growth will result in material improvements for our graduate student community. I aim to collaborate with our student membership, the GSA Board and Council, members of campus administration, and graduate student union organizers to advance the mission, vision, and values of the GSA.

A bit about myself: I’m currently a second year PhD student in the School of Environment, Enterprise, and Development. My research is primarily focused on matters pertaining to corporate social responsibility. I hope to leverage my research interests in order to make the GSA a model non-profit organization within the Region of Waterloo, and to become a premier student organization within Canada.

Cindy H.T. Yeung, Vice President of Administration

Hi everyone,

My name is Cindy Yeung and I am excited to serve as your Vice President of Administration of the Graduate Student Association (GSA) this academic year.

In my role, I will mainly be focusing on improving graduate student wellness, policy development, international student and satellite campus engagement, and reporting and data visualization on our activities and services. These initiatives also happen to fall under topics that I am passionate about. This year we have a strong team consisting of the GSA President, VP of Communications, Management team, Coordinators, and myself as VP of Administration. We strive to improve the academic and social experience of graduate students at the University of Waterloo, and I am confident that we can accomplish this.

Outside my role in the GSA, I am in my second year of PhD in the School of Pharmacy. My thesis work uses modeling and simulation in the field of pharmacokinetics to help better understand how medications might affect breastfeeding infants of mothers taking medications. As seen through my research, my primary drive in life is to help others. In fact, this was my key motivator to be involved in the GSA and work towards our mission, values, and Ends.

Zabeen Khamisa, Vice President of Communications

Hello Folks!

My name is Zabeen Khamisa and I will be serving as your Vice President of Communications for the Graduate Student Association. In this new role, I aim to ensure our transparency, accessibility, and inclusivity to maximize graduate student engagement in the GSA, in campus life, and in the wider Waterloo Region.

I will be primarily focused on advocating for equity and anti-racism by calling on the University of Waterloo to address systemic oppression, with the aim of working collaboratively to prioritize the needs of graduate students.  I will be working to cultivate partnerships with campus and community organizations to form new services and programming for the benefit of all graduate students. I will also continue to strive to create a positive and thriving graduate student community by supporting Graduate House communications and virtual event planning. I look forward to working closely with our new and ever-evolving team and graduate students!

About me: I am a doctoral candidate in the joint Laurier-Waterloo PhD program, Religious Diversity in North America. I research the intersections of “religion”, socio-political movements, social media, and cultural economics. My current research examines the lived experiences of millennial Sikh innovators in Canada. As resident on the Haldimand Tract since 2006, I have been involved in our region as a community organizer and advocate, am invested in our local independent arts scene, and have a passion for urban gardening. 

Read more about our team, the GSA Board and GSA Council here.

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