GSA Board Requires A Director

May 28, 2019

The GSA-UW currently has one vacant Director Position to be filled on the 2019/2020 Board of Directors. The candidate will be required to serve a term from date of appointment to the AGM in April 2020.

Specifically, the following skills would be assets:

  • Accounting/Audit
  • Insurance
  • Investment

Nomination forms can be found here or at the GSA Office. Completed nomination forms can be delivered in a sealed envelope addressed to GSA-UW Board – Director Position to the GSA Office in MC 2029.

Description of Position

The Board of Directors have monthly regular meetings (2 hours) and operates according to the Carver Policy Governance framework, meaning that the Board focuses on strategy and oversight and delegates day-to-day management to staff. Additionally attendance is required at special meetings (approx. 1-3 per term). Board members are expected to sit in on at least one committee (ex. Presidential nominating committee, Board executive committee, Joint policy review committee, plus additional committees as the need arises). Attendance of the monthly GSA Council meeting is recommended but not required. While neither of these skills are strictly necessary, we are seeking people with not-for-profit experience and a familiarity with Robert’s Rules of Order. The total time commitment is at least 5 hours per month. A technical description of the position can be found here and in GSA Bylaw #5 here.

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