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University-Wide Committees

Graduate students serve on university-level committees. If you are interested in serving on a committee, please contact Sara, our Student Engagement Coordinator.

CommitteeGraduate RepresentativeTerm Ends
Board of GovernorsNaima SamuelApril 2023
Board Executive CommitteeNaima SamuelApril 2023
Board Buildings & Properties CommitteeNaima SamuelApril 2023
CommitteeGraduate RepresentativeTerm Ends
SenateGSA President (ex-officio)
Onurcan GokkayaApril 2023
Naima SamuelApril 2023
Jack DeGooyerApril 2024
Aiman FatimaApril 2024
Senate Executive CommitteeGSA President (ex-officio)April 2022
Senate Finance CommitteeOnurcan GokkayaApril 2023
Senate Long Range Planning CommitteeNaima SamuelApril 2022
Senate Committee for Honorary DegreesZabeen KhamisaApril 2022
Senate Graduate and Research Council (SGRC)GSA President (ex-officio)
Vacant (Health)
Jerika Sanderson (ARTS)April 2022
Sophia Sanniti (ENV)April 2022
Kareem Tarek Mostafa (ENG)April 2023
Aiden Huffman (MATH)April 2023
Jennifer Reid (SCI)April 2023
University Committee on Student AppealsCurrently filled by Undergraduate (AHS)
Currently filled by Undergraduate (ARTS)
Nicolas Palaschuk (ENV)April 2022
Currently filled by Undergraduate (ENG)
Aiden Huffman (MATH)April 2022
Currently filled by Undergraduate (SCI)
CommitteeGraduate RepresentativeTerm Ends
Graduate Student Relations CommitteeGSA President (ex-officio and co-chair)
Katherine ArnoldApril 2022
Tyler HamptonApril 2022
Zabeen KhamisaApril 2022
Shu-Feng TsaoApril 2022
Student Services Advisory CommitteeGSA President (ex-officio)
Graduate Student Support Advisory CommitteeGSA President (ex-officio)April 2022
Ashley RyanApril 2022
Policy 30 Drafting CommitteeGSA PresidentApril 2022
Jennifer ReidApril 2022
Policy 33 Review CommitteeMariam LahlouUntil Completion
Policy 70-72 Review CommitteeKatherine ArnoldUntil Completion
CommitteeGraduate RepresentativeTerm Ends
IT Advisory BoardNot currently accepting applicants
President’s Advisory Committee on Environmental SustainabilityTia Rebecca DriverApril 2022
Climate and Energy Working Group of President’s Advisory Committee on SustainabilitySaveena PataraAugust 2021
Advisory Committee on Traffic Violations and ParkingNot currently accepting applicants
Research Ethics and Integrity Advisory CommitteeClement AfariApril 2022
Alex WalkerApril 2022
Gender and Sexual Diversity Working GroupIleana DiazAugust 2022
Graduate Professional Skills Working GroupZabeen KhamisaUntil Completion
Course Evaluation Project TeamRyan YeungAugust 2021
Complementary Teaching Assessment Project TeamArnold KwokUntil Completion
Matthew RobbinsUntil Completion
University Tenure and Promotion CommitteeGlaucia MeloApril 2022
Joint Health and Safety CommitteeJoanne FernandezApril 2022
Appeal Committee on Traffic and ParkingVacant
Human Research Ethics CommitteeDaniel MartelAugust 2021
Clinical Research Ethics CommitteeOlivia TongDecember 2021
Open Scholarship CommitteeRebecca MacAlpineApril 2021
Teaching and Learning Space CommitteeNot currently accepting applicants
Healthy Workplace CommitteeKaylee BiggartApril 2022
AccessAbility CommitteeFatima SuleimanApril 2022
Thrive Planning CommitteeNot currently accepting applicants
Animal Care CommitteeHeather IkertAugust 2023
Fasih RahmanAugust 2023
Graduate Supervision Task ForceLaura McCrackinUntil Completion
SLC/PAC Art Selection CommitteeCarrie PerreaultUntil Completion
GSEF Project Review CommitteeNatalie Doan – Health RepresentativeContinued
GSEF Project Review CommitteeNatalie Doan – Health RepresentativeContinued
Karolina Kaminska – Health RepresentativeContinued
Tamara DeSouza – Health RepresentativeContinued
Ethel Zlotnik – Arts RepresentativeContinued
Carolyn Eckert – Arts RepresentativeContinued
Ryan Christopher Yeung – Arts RepresentativeContinued
Sanaz Saadatmand Hashemi – Engineering RepresentativeContinued
Ryan Tennant – Engineering RepresentativeContinued
Harshit Madaan – Engineering RepresentativeContinued
Isabel Jorgensen – Environment RepresentativeContinued
Kayleigh Swanson – Environment RepresentativeContinued
Tia Driver – Environment RepresentativeContinued
Hank Chen – Mathematics RepresentativeContinued
Lena Podina – Mathematics RepresentativeContinued
Max Niebergall – Mathematics RepresentativeContinued
Benjamin Piticaru – Science RepresentativeContinued
Alex Kunert – Science RepresentativeContinued
Manish Shukla – Science RepresentativeContinued
Zabeen Khamisa – Graduate Student Association
CommitteeGraduate RepresentativeTerm Ends
Online Teaching and Online Course Design Award Evaluation CommitteeVacant
Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision CommitteeMariam LahlouApril 2022
Amit & Meena Chakma Awards for Exceptional Teaching by a StudentHan LiuApril 2021
Becky AndersonAugust 2021
Distinguished Teaching AwardsJoseph VargaAugust 2021
Wanis NafoDecember 2020
President’s Impact Awards CommitteeGSA President
CommitteeGraduate RepresentativeTerm Ends
Arts Faculty Council
Engineering Faculty Council
Arts Faculty Tribunal
Science Faculty Councilelections ongoing
elections ongoing
Dean of Environment Nominating CommitteeQ ChenUntil Dissolved
Dean of Engineering Nominating CommitteeJacob TerryUntil Dissolved
Dean of Mathematics Nominating CommitteeDaniel MathesonUntil Dissolved
CommitteeGraduate RepresentativeTerm Ends
Unsanctioned Public Gatherings Task ForceGSA President
Town and Gown Multi-Agency CommitteeGSA President
Town and Gown Community Safety and Wellness Sub-committeeGSA President
Town and Gown Talent Retention Sub-committeeGSA President
Community Cohesion Working GroupGSA Vice-President
Post-Secondary Collaborative Large GroupGSA Vice-President
CommitteeGraduate RepresentativeTerm Ends
SLC/PAC Expansion Project TeamGSA President
SSO Student Advisory CommitteeGSA President
GSA Vice-President
Committee on Student Mental HealthGSA President
Ashley RyanUntil Completion
Cannabis Legalization Campus Impact GroupGSA President
Canadian Graduate and Professional Student Survey Promotions Working GroupGSA Vice-President
Orientation Planning CommitteeGSA Vice-President
Fair Trade Working GroupGSA General Manager
Fall Reading Week Project TaskforceGSA President
Orientation Steering CommitteeGSA President
Academic Integrity Advisory CommitteeGSA President
Wellness CollaborativeSavannah Seaton2022
Ashley Ryan2022
Teghan Barton2022
Verification of Illness Form Working GroupAshley Ryan2022
Library Student Advisory CommitteeVacant
Action Group on Tobacco and Vaping on campusAshley Ryan2022
UWSA Transportation and Commuting Working GroupGSA General Manager
Food Advisory BoardGSA General Manager
Sexual Violence Prevention Task ForceGlaucia Melo2022
Planning, Student Spaces, and Works CommitteeGSA General Manager
Community of PracticeAshley Ryan2022
Student Mental Health Conference Planning CommitteeAshley Ryan2022

Last Updated: November 16, 2020

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