Safe Love Week: February 8-12

Monday, February 8, 2021 @ 9:00 am



During the week, the GSA will be hosting a series of workshops, fun games, and other activities around safe sex, communication, consent, safe relations, sexual orientation, STI/STD/HIV/AIDS testing, and more!

Keynote Speaker: Eva Bloom!
Eva will be running two workshops with us:

February 9 “How to be Your #1 Sex Partner: Solo Sex 101” @4:00PM Registration Details

February 11 “Sex & COVID-19″ @7:00PM Registration Details

Eva Bloom (she/they) is a queer sexuality educator and sex science communicator. She aims to break down the rigid scripts around sexuality and affirm marginalized individuals to build their most authentic sex lives, feel at home in their identities, and have confidence in navigating their sexual health. 

The rest of the schedule will be posted shortly.

Stay tuned!

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