#PoliticsToday: A Conversation with Reep Green Solutions

Monday, May 16, 2022 @ 3:00 pm

The GSA is excited to bring to you a new episode of the #PoliticsToday series which engages regional community-based organizations in discussions that explore some of today’s most salient and pressing socio-political and cultural topics in graduate student life!
 An engaging online discussion with the team at Reep Green Solutions will take place virtually. This event is intended to explore the ongoing work of this community-based organization aimed at increasing awareness of and engagement of our students with organizations in the region. Diving deeper into how education, training, and community engagement initiatives are being used to drive a positive impact in graduate student life, this event will also provide an opportunity for a Q&A with our graduate student audience. Attend the meeting here

More information and past episodes of the GSA’s #PoliticsToday series can be found here: GSA-UW YouTube

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