Key UWaterloo Policies and Reference Materials

Key UWaterloo Policies and Reference Materials

Glossary of Terms From the Graduate Studies Academic Calendar.
Policy 30 - Employment of Graduate Student Teaching Assistants *Upcoming* Applies to any registered graduate student doing work that contributes to a teaching assistant assignment (TA). All graduate student workers should familiarize themselves with this document.
Policy 46 - Information Management TAs are responsible for keeping any student information obtained during their work term secure and confidential.
Policy 71 - Student Academic Discipline If you have any reason to believe an academic offence has been committed, report it to the course instructor immediately. TAs are not expected to investigate or adjudicate academic offences.
Policy 33 - Ethical Behaviour The University has a responsibility to provide an environment free from harassment and discrimination, and accordingly must deal effectively, quickly and fairly with any situation involving claims of harassment or discrimination that come to its attention.
Guide for Graduate Research and Supervision Provides guidelines to supervisors to enhance the intellectual development and  academic success of graduate students. Currently, there are no guidelines pertaining to the supervisory role of work assignments specifically.
Guidelines for Teaching Assistants on Harassment and Discrimination As a TA, you may be the first person in an official capacity called upon to respond to issues of harassment or discrimination. You are required under Waterloo’s Ethical Behaviour Policy 33 to respond in a timely and sensitive manner, and alert the supervising instructor immediately.
TA Handbook by the Centre for Teaching Excellence A manual designed to help teaching assistants to prepare for their roles. This includes preparation and teaching, grading and feedback, online courses, evaluating and improving teaching, supporting students’ mental wellbeing, and teaching tips for international student workers.
Teaching Tips for Teaching Assistants by the Centre for Teaching Excellence A complete list of teaching tips collected by the CTE for TAs.
Resolution of Disputes Resolution of disputes between TAs and instructors, and RAs and supervisors by the Graduate Studies Academic Calendar.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the GSA Labour Coordinator at

Last Updated: December 13, 2021

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