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Yi Wang


I am woman and I am Asian.
I have experienced discrimination.
Used to be stuck in darkness and confusion,
but thankfully,
love from UWaterloo friends,
helped me out of the fear and the depression.
That makes me realize that,
building up a welcoming and helpful student organization,
is equally as important as working on my dissertation.
So I am stepping out of my comfort zone without hesitation,
hoping to be a Director of the graduate student association.
I want to speak for the underrepresented,
fighting against racism, inequity, and desperation.
I am committed to support our community with my expertise and passion,
to improve communication,
to provide protection,
and to promote graduate students’ satisfaction.
I wish to meet and work with like-minded fellows,
to turn reality our imagination.
I can see many challenges are still out there,
but never waver,
my determination.

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