Samira Mehrabi

Chair of the Board and Chief Governance Officer (CGO)

Hi everyone! My name is Samira Mehrabi and I am a PhD candidate in Aging, Health, and Wellbeing. My motivation to run for the Board of Directors stems from my deep desire to empower graduate students and build an inclusive academic and social environment where everyone feels supported. Having studied and worked professionally in various countries such as Iran, Germany, and Canada, I understand the importance of working with diverse groups of people and ensuring that all groups are heard and represented with fairness.

Leveraging on the strong leadership and communication skills gained from my professional and academic experiences, I am prepared to advocate for graduate students with diverse backgrounds and identities. Being a Director will provide me with a meaningful opportunity to advance my knowledge of the GSA policies and operations. In doing this, I plan to identify structural barriers, increase awareness, and make thoughtful policy decisions to improve the experience of graduate students.

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