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Rita Cherkewski

General Manager

I have been a part of the University of Waterloo community for over 30 years.  I started here as an undergraduate and then completed a Master’s degree in French. Upon graduation, I started working across the creek at one of the church colleges.  After a few years, I moved back to campus to work as the Administrative Coordinator, Undergraduate and Graduate Studies, in a small department in the Faculty of Arts. My next career move was to the Department of Psychology where I worked with graduate students as the Administrative Coordinator, Graduate Studies for over 20 years.  I have done two secondments in the GSPA where I focused specifically on graduate funding.  Lately, I have worked as the Graduate Studies and Research Officer for the Faculty of Arts for 5 years. In this role I worked with over 18 departments and oversaw 40 various graduate programs.

I am really looking forward to continuing my work with graduate students in my new role.  I see the position as General Manager for the GSA as a natural progression of my career here at UW.  I find working with graduate students energizing and very enjoyable.  I like to hear about their programs, research and what their plans are for the future.  I have made many friends from the graduate students I have met over my many years at UW, some of whom are part of my social circle today.  I look forward to making new friends in the years to come. With my many years of administrative experience I hope that I can guide the GSA to provide excellent services to all graduate students.

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