Shu-Feng Tsao

International Students Coordinator

Shu-Feng Tsao (she/her) is a PhD candidate in the School of Public Health Sciences, with a specialization in Health Informatics. Her thesis research focuses on social media infodemic, investigating how health (mis)information on social media has influenced individual and collective behaviours online and offline by analyzing social media data via machine learning techniques. She is also the student lead of the Digital Intelligence of Public Health (DI4PH) Lab.

Prior to her doctoral study, Shu-Feng stayed in the United States for 5 years. She earned two master’s degrees and worked as a data analyst in a start-up and global health insurance corporation.

In her role as the GSA International Student Coordinator, Shu-Feng hosts monthly events for international graduate students, answers questions, and actively listens to concerns or challenges from international graduate students. She has helped develop a sense of community for international graduate students at UW.

During her free time, she enjoys traveling, trying different cuisines, visiting other cities, and practicing yoga. She hopes to visit all the provinces and territories in Canada in the future.

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