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Elections and Referenda

The GSA hosts online elections for:

  • GSA Councillors for departments without an association
  • GSA Councillors for departmental associations 
  • Executives for a newly forming departmental associations

If you would like to request that the GSA run one or more elections for your departmental association, Submit a request to the GSA through the Departmental Association Elections form.

The following information is required. Please provide at least three weeks for the set-up of the ballot.  

  • A description of exactly who is eligible to vote (which departments/programs? both full and part time? check your constitution and bylaws)
  • The start and end dates and times for voting. 
  • The title of each position, start and end dates of the term of office, and the list of candidates.
  • For each candidate – their name, a picture, a personal statement, and optionally a link to their web page or election web page. You may instead provide a link to your association website with the same candidate information.
  • Any other information that should be displayed (e.g. link to your departmental GSA’s website).

The GSA will announce the ballot link to all eligible voters.

Last Updated: April 9, 2020

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