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Members Meeting August 2022

Save the date for a General Members Meeting (GMM) of the GSA-UW! The Board of Directors is notifying you as required that a Members Meeting will be held on Monday, August 29th at 5:00pm EDT. As a member of the GSA-UW, graduate students are provided the opportunity to engage with the official business of the organization. At the 2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM), the GSA membership approved a proposal to seek a new auditor, with the requirement that the membership then reconvene to appoint that new auditor. This meeting has been called for the membership to receive a report and complete this process before the conclusion of the fiscal year.

Table of Contents

General Member Meeting (GMM) Date & Location

The date of this General Member Meeting (GMM) will be AUGUST 29, 2022 at 5:00 PM EDT.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the GMM will be held virtually over Zoom Meeting.

Please register here in advance of the meeting.

GMM Agenda Items and Supporting Documents

Please review the Meeting Agenda. The GMM will be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order.

At the GMM, graduate students will:

Voting & Proxies

Votes at the GMM will be conducted via the Vote/Proxy form. GSA-UW members will soon receive an email providing you with a unique voting link associated with your student email address. The subject of the email will be “GSA-UW Member Meeting August 2022 – Voting Link”. Please check your junk folder if you cannot find the link, as emails from SurveyHero sometimes are flagged as spam. If you have not received the link, please email the Chief Returning Officer at for help. If you wish to vote in advance of the Meeting, simply click on the link and proceed with the ballot. Advanced voting will close at 12:00 PM on August 29. If you wish to instead cast your vote at the Meeting, keep your unique voting email safe until it is time to access your ballot and vote during the GMM. You may only cast your vote via this unique link once.

Members have 3 options for voting:

  1. They may submit their vote “live” during the GMM. The meeting will start with Formal Business that requires members’ votes. Members may decide how they wish to vote based on the information presented, and after the Formal Business, there will be a designated voting period where members make their selections and submit the vote link. 
  2. They may submit their vote before the GMM, indicating their position on all voting topics on the GMM Agenda via the vote link. A vote submission before the meeting will designate the Chief Returning Officer to serve as their “proxy”, but these votes cannot be changed from their submitted form.
  3. They may designate another person as their “proxy”, who will submit the member’s vote on their behalf after receiving information live at the GMM. Proxies may cast a member’s vote subject to restrictions placed on them by the member, but responding to information presented during “Formal Business”.

After the end of the Formal Business section of the GMM, it will be announced that members must submit their votes. The Chief Returning Officer will validate submissions against a membership list, then tally members’ votes and tally proxy votes.

Submitting Proxies

If you wish to cast your vote, follow the link sent to you via email that contained the GSA-UW GMM Notice and Proxy/Vote form. Please double check your email spam. This link will instruct the Corporate Secretary to cast a vote on your behalf at the General Members Meeting (GMM) exactly as you specified. The Secretary will not have any discretion in such votes. Note, once you submit your vote, you cannot change it. See the GMM website on how to vote “live” during the GMM.

If you do not want to cast your vote early or live during the GMM, you may designate someone else to act as your “proxy” who will vote on your behalf live during the GMM. 

If you wish to appoint a person as your proxy please do the following:

  1. Contact your proxy and make sure they agree to act on your behalf,
  2. Submit the proxy form, indicating who you authorize to serve as your proxy. You must complete this step by 2 hours prior to the time of the GMM.
  3. Communicate in advance clearly to your proxy your voting instructions/preferences, and
  4. Forward in advance to your proxy the unique link that you were sent in the email that contained the GSA-UW GMM Notice and Vote/Proxy form, to enable them to cast a vote on your behalf.

Please note, you must follow steps 1 through 4 in order for your proxy vote to count during the GMM. If you skip step 2 for instance and do not tell us who is your authorized proxy, we cannot validate your vote. Also note, your unique link can only be used once, so if you have already submitted that poll, you cannot designate someone else to make or change your vote.

To cast a vote on behalf of a member who has assigned you as a proxy:

  1. Make sure the member followed the “Instructions for the members” above.
  2. Follow the unique link the member forwarded to access the voting form. Each of these links is connected to that member and can only be used once. 
  3. On the first page “Membership Information and Declaration” enter your name and your student id number. The GSA-UW will validate the member’s email address associated with the link, your name/id against the membership list and submitted proxy forms.
  4. Proceed to the next page to cast the vote.

Last Updated: August 16, 2022

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